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Mission, Vision, Core Values

Curtis's mission, objectives, and core values guide the school as it evolves to meet current and emerging challenges while remaining true to its remarkable tradition of excellence.

Core Values


To educate and train exceptionally gifted young musicians to engage a local and global community through the highest level of artistry.


To be the finest music conservatory in the world—the benchmark for a tradition of excellence and innovation in music. We will strive to be:

  • The global gold standard conservatory “brand”
  • The standard against which other institutions measure success
  • The institution that is studied for its success as measured by the ways in which its students and faculty engage and impact a globalcommunity with the art of music
  • The institution that retains its strong heritage and continuously addresses the needs of its students as they invent careers as 21st-century artist-citizens, who value the education and experiences their talents afford them and give back by building inspirational opportunities for others to discover the transformative art of music. 

Core Values

Success in meeting Curtis's principal objectives requires unwavering commitment to the school's core values, which affirm that Curtis:

  • Excellence
  • Learn by doing philosophy, achievable through its unique, small size
  • Tuition-free policy
  • Musical leadership, advocacy, and engagement
  • Institutional adaptability, flexibility, and diversity