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Global Music Community


A passion for making music, keen insight into its power, and enthusiasm for sharing it radiate from Curtis to inspire a global music community. Join the audience and the conversation, wherever you are, through our performance and lifelong-learning initiatives.



  • Watch online at YouTube:
    Broadcast-quality HD videos of students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Listen in person to Curtis on Tour:
    Professional worldwide touring experience for students alongside celebrated alumni and faculty
  • Learn online through Coursera:
    Free online courses designed to engage lifelong learners and build a global music community
  • Play at Curtis during Summerfest:
    Opportunities to explore classical music and experience the Curtis “learn by doing” philosophy on-site in Philadelphia.

How Curtis Plays to the World

Curtis by the numbers

175 students

100% of students on merit-based full-tuition scholarship

40% of student body comes to Curtis from outside the United States

20 nations represented by the student body in a typical year

95 faculty

200 + performances each season in Philadelphia and worldwide

100 + free recitals each season

50 + destinations around the globe visited by Curtis on Tour

2,300 + children and adults reached each year by Curtis community engagement events

Countless performance opportunities for Curtis students

$36,000 + Tuition value per student

75% percent of students receiving aid

80% of Curtis’s annual budget comes from annual giving and endowment income


A global impact on music

Graduates of Curtis are musical leaders. A select group numbering only 4,000 since the school’s founding in 1924. Curtis alumni have had a profound impact on the world of music.

  • They are solo artists in the most important venues in the world- from Berlin to Bejing and beyond.
  • They play in ensembles worldwide and hold principal and titled chairs in every major American orchestra.
  • They are on the rosters of the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Covent Garden, the Vienna Staatsoper, and the San Francisco Opera, among other world-renowned companies.
  • They have won Pultizer Prizes, Guggenheim Fellowships, Avery Fisher Awards, Grammies, Tonys, and countless other prestigious musical honors.

Help Curtis Play to the World

Curtis provides every student with a tuition-free education. With no tuition income, the school’s revenue comes overwhelmingly from philanthropy. Annual giving and endowment income provide more than 80 percent of the annual budget. Learn more about ways you can support Curtis through the Annual Fund and other initiatives.