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Lenfest Hall, 1616 Locust Street


To maintain its priceless musical traditions in the modern environment, Curtis has created Lenfest Hall, a dynamic space for learning and living, tailored to the needs of its extraordinary students and faculty. It includes the magnificent Gould Rehearsal Hall, housing for half the student body, a fifth-floor garden terrace, and convenient dining facilities. It also houses the orchestra library  nd the orchestral instrument collection.

The building is named in honor of Curtis Chairman Emeritus H. F. "Gerry" Lenfest and Marguerite Lenfest, who spearheaded the campaign to fund the building’s construction with a transformational $30 million challenge. 


Gould Rehearsal Hall

A 2,850-square-foot, acoustically designed rehearsal hall accommodates a full orchestra for the largest-scale core repertoire, with state-of-the-art video, audio, and Internet2 capabilities. Teaching studios for percussion, double bass, and harp are located adjacent to the rehearsal hall.




As a gathering area for trustees, overseers, faculty, staff, and others which can accommodate up to 60 people, Locks Board Room weds historic details with state of the art technology. 



The Commons

One of the building's main social centers, The Commons includes The Albert Lounge, a comfortable area looking out onto historic St. Mark's Church, as well as a dining hall that is open to the Curtis community seven days a week.