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At first Curtis’s library lived in the main building at 1726 Locust Street. Students pored over scores and books in the Reading Room (now the Bok Room). A spiral staircase led to basement stacks filling another eight rooms. By 1975 the collection had been moved next door to 1720 Locust Street, where, as the Rock Resource Center, it remains today. A full renovation of the Rock Resource Center was completed in 2013.

c. 1930: Studying in the original library

PHOTO: Curtis Archives/Kubey-Rembrandt Studios

 “In less than four years the Library of the Institute has grown to proportions which mark it as one of the outstanding collections of music and literature on music in the country … Books at present number 2,363, while the number of musical titles is 9,646.”
Overtones, March 1930
1938: The reading room, viewed from the staircase that led to eight rooms of books below

PHOTO: Curtis Archives/Fritz Henle.
2014: The reference section of the Rock Resource Center, seen after its recent renovation

PHOTO: David Swanson

An overview of the library in 1930

A history of the library

Ceiling mural in the original library (now the Bok Room)





“Light for Learning” discusses the renovations completed in 2013. (Spring 2014)