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In the school’s early years, recitals took place in a combined assembly room and conservatory for plants on the site of the current Field Concert Hall.  By 1927 a new state-of-the-art hall had been built. Ever since, “the Hall” has lived in the memory of thousands of Curtis students who found it both intimidating and inspiring to perform there.

1928: A view of Curtis Hall (as it was then called), ten years after its construction

PHOTO: Curtis Archives


“The Hall is the unifying factor running through nearly nine decades of superlative music-making. It leaves an indelible impression on performers that is eerily uniform, and everyone who has ever studied or taught at Curtis shares this bond. The weight of history alone can be intimidating ... Violinist Arnold Steinhardt recalls the ‘sheer terror’ of performing in front of ‘the most knowledgeable and critical audience (he) would ever encounter—the Curtis faculty and students.’”Overtones, Spring 2012


1974: Practicing for a recital

PHOTO: Curtis Archives/George Krause
2014: Daniel and Ashley Hsu

PHOTO: Pete Checchia

History of Field Concert Hall

View recital programs from 1924 through 2014

Student recitals broadcast beginning in 1937

 “In the Hall” offers a history of recitals on a legendary stage. (Spring 2012)