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Lenfest Hall Fact Sheet


  • 1610–1618 Locust Street

Project team

  • Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, architects
  • Razak Company, real estate development manager
  • Intech Construction, Inc., construction manager
  • Keast & Hood Co., structural engineers
  • Marvin Waxman Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Kirkegaard Associates, acoustics consultants
  • Noble Preservation Services, Inc., historic preservation architects

Key Features

  • 35 additional teaching studios, chamber music rehearsal rooms, and practice rooms—more than double the amount of practice and rehearsal space currently available to Curtis students, all of it soundproof and secure
  • A dedicated, appropriately sized, acoustically designed rehearsal hall for the Curtis Symphony Orchestra
  • Comfortable, safe housing for 88 students
  • Dining services for all Curtis students, faculty, and staff, enhancing the school's sense of community
  • State-of-the-art technologies to support and extend learning, including full-building wireless access, video and audio recording facilities, and Internet2 capability
  • Relief of scheduling pressures on Curtis's existing, historic buildings
  • "Green design" incorporates sustainable construction and operation features to enable LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) at the silver level

Building details
First Floor: the Commons

  • One of the building's main social centers, the Commons will include a dining hall and a comfortable lounge looking out onto historic St. Mark's Church and its gardens.
  • Kiosks with electronic screens near the building's two entrances keep students up-to-date on lesson schedules and other activities taking place across Curtis's campus.
  • Separate elevator banks provide access to the private student residences, as well as to the Orchestra Rehearsal Hall, classrooms, studios, and practice rooms.

Second Floor: Orchestra Rehearsal Hall and Teaching Studios

  • A 3,500-square-foot, acoustically designed rehearsal hall will accommodate a full orchestra for the largest-scale core repertoire, enhancing Curtis's ability to attract world-renowned visiting conductors and guest artists.
  • Surrounding the rehearsal hall are teaching studios for double bass, percussion, and harp and an atrium lounge, as well as student lockers and storage space for all instruments.

Third Floor: Rehearsal and Practice Studios

  • A wide range of practice rooms and studios for individual instruction, practice, and chamber music rehearsals enable Curtis to meet the practice needs of every student, whether living in the residence hall or off-campus.
  • The third floor also features audio and video recording studios.

Fourth Floor: Rehearsal and Practice Studios and Orchestra Library

  • As on the third floor, practice rooms and studios for individual instruction, practice, and chamber music rehearsals will be available.
  • The fourth floor will also be home to the Orchestra Library, which stores all performance materials, scores, and parts used for orchestra rehearsals and concerts. Relocation of the Orchestra Library from the Rock Resource Center at 1720 Locust Street will bring Curtis's orchestral activities under one roof, increasing efficiency and will free up valuable library space in the Rock Resource Center.

Fifth Floor: Student Social Center and Terrace

  • A social center overlooking Locust Street includes a media/entertainment room and an outdoor terrace. Set back forty-five feet from Locust Street, the terrace will be landscaped by Longwood Gardens, the renowned horticultural center in Kennett Square, Pa. The terrace perimeter will also include a "green roof" environment.
  • The student residences begin on this floor, with a designated suite for a senior resident advisor. Other fifth-floor amenities include laundry facilities and a small kitchen.

Sixth–Ninth Floors: Student Residences

  • Residences will accommodate 88 students (approximately half of the student body). Each suite will provide four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and common/social space.

Press Contacts

Jennifer Kallend
Managing Director of External Affairs and Patron Engagement
(215) 717-3190

Diana Wensley
Communications Manager
(215) 717-3129

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