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Liberal Arts Courses

The goal of the liberal arts program at Curtis is to educate musicians as broadly and deeply as possible. Great musicians should be more than technically proficient; they should be greatly literate and widely informed as well.

Specific objectives are as follows:

  • the practice of rigorous and independent thinking
  • the pursuit of clear expression, both oral and written
  • the encouragement of creativity
  • the mastering of learning itself

Students will study major works of literature, art, and philosophy and explore the historical contexts in which those works and ideas originated.

Foundation Courses

Students in the Bachelor's degree program take two semesters of Foundation Courses.

  • Foundations in Reading, Writing, and Speaking

Core Courses

Students in the Bachelor's degree program take one semester of each Core Course.

  • The Artist in the Western World
  • Ethics, Citizenship, and Creative Life

Pathway Electives

After completing Foundation and Core Courses, students may fulfill the requirements for the Bachelor's degree with six semesters of Pathway Electives (at least one course in each pathway).

  • Culture, History, and Philosophy
  • Languages and Literature
  • Environmental and Social Sciences


English as a Second Language