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Musical Studies Courses

The musical studies program is designed to give students practical, artistic working knowledge of the techniques of Western music.

The course sequence progressively enables students to understand linear and vertical relationships in music and their inspired synthesis in composition. Required courses are supplemented by specialized courses in keyboard studies, orchestration, and score-reading. Solfège provides aural reinforcement of musical techniques taught in the musical studies program. Music history traces the evolution of those techniques.

Entering students are placed by examination. Placement decisions may be subject to review. Tutoring is available. Students of exceptional ability may receive specialized instruction and advanced classes are offered. 

musical studies CURRICULUM

The core curriculum takes a minimum of 4.5 semesters and 41 semester hours. For Diploma candidates, a one-semester upper-level elective is required, adding 2 additional hours. Bachelor’s candidates are required to choose four upper level electives, adding 8 additional hours: one from music history, one from music performance, and one from music theory, and one more from any of the categories. Elements of Conducting is also required for Bachelor's candidates, adding 3 additional hours. Total: between 43 and 52 hours.



Semester Hours

1 Core Studies I 3
1 Keyboard Studies I & Supplementary Piano 1.5
1 Solfège I  2
Music History I 2
2 Core Studies II 3
2 Keyboard Studies II & Supplementary Piano 1.5
Solfège I 2
2 Music History I  2
3 Core Studies III 3
Keyboard Studies III & Supplementary Piano 1.5
3 Musical Form & Analysis 2
Solfège II 2
3 Music History II 2
4 Core Studies IV 3
4 Keyboard Studies IV & Supplementary Piano 1.5
4 Solfège II 2
4 Music History II 2
5+ Keyboard Studies V and VI (Keyboard majors only)  
5+ Post-Tonal Harmony 3
5+ Dictation 2
5+ Music History Electives  2
5+ Elements of Conducting 3 (BM only)
5+ Theory Electives 2 (BM only)
5+ Performance Electives 2 (BM only)
5+ Elevtive of Student's Choice 2 (BM only)