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Keys for Curtis

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Curtis purchased 22 new Steinway pianos prior to the opening of Lenfest Hall in 2011--an investment of more than $1 million to assure that students, faculty, and visiting artists have unsurpassed access to fine pianos. Here's your opportunity to help Curtis by purchasing and maintaining one or more of the 1,936 new keys on the 22 new pianos. Curtis will recognize your gift of $50 by listing your name on one of our 22 "Keys for Curtis" web pages, described below.


Buy a "Key" for Curtis

The 22 new pianos, purchased by Curtis from Steinway & Sons in 2011, are the heart of our "All Steinway" collection. You can help Curtis pay for and maintain these beautiful new Steinway pianos by making a gift of a key ($50), an octave ($600), or an entire keyboard ($4,400).

As a thank-you to all Keys for Curtis contributors, Curtis will send you a "Keys for Curtis" keychain and list your name on one of our Keys for Curtis piano web pages. There is a web page for each piano, from several Steinway Model "K" uprights to a Steinway Model "D" concert grand. For our Keys for Curtis campaign, each piano has been named after a famous composer--you can pick your favorite!


To make your gift, visit one--or more--of these pages to select a piano:

  • J.S. Bach -  Steinway Concert Grand, Model “D” - on the stage of Field Concert Hall
  • Handel - Steinway Model “B” - Room 210, Lenfest Hall
  • D. Scarlatti -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 317, Lenfest Hall
  • Mozart - Steinway Model “B” - Horszowski Room, 1726 Locust
  • Beethoven - Steinway Model “O” - Room 401, Lenfest Hall
  • Haydn -  Steinway Upright Model “K” -  Room 312, Lenfest Hall
  • Brahms -  Steinway Model “B” - Room 302, Lenfest Hall
  • Chopin -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 305, Lenfest Hall
  • Liszt -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 310, Lenfest Hall
  • Mendelssohn -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 318, Lenfest Hall
  • Schubert -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 411, Lenfest Hall
  • Schumann -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 419, Lenfest Hall
  • Tchaikovsky -  Steinway Model “M” - Room 406, Lenfest Hall
  • Barber -  Steinway Model “A” - Room 301, Lenfest Hall
  • Bartók -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 207, Lenfest Hall
  • Bernstein -  Steinway Model “B” - Room 302, Lenfest Hall
  • Debussy -  Steinway Model “M” - Room 416, Lenfest Hall
  • Gershwin -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 316, Lenfest Hall
  • Prokofiev -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 315, Lenfest Hall
  • Rachmaninoff -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 313, Lenfest Hall
  • Ravel -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 412, Lenfest Hall
  • Stravinsky -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 414, Lenfest Hall

When making your gift, you can specify the piano and the key(s). Assignments to keys will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Your gift to the Keys for Curtis campaign helps defray the cost of the new Steinway pianos and keep them properly maintained, and is not a membership gift.



Charles Sterne III, director of principal gifts and planned giving, (215) 717-3126