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Frederic Chopin

Welcome to the Keys for Curtis "piano pages." For the campaign, this piano has been named after composer Frederic Chopin, one of the twenty-two composers we selected to represent the deep heritage and diversity of classical music.

Chopin was born in Poland in 1810. He suffered from poor health and died in Paris in 1849 at the age of thirty-nine.  According to The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music, "he was buried in Pere Lachaise cemetery, except for his heart, which he had instructed be sent to Poland."

A composer, virtuoso pianist, and music teacher. Chopin is widely considered the great master of Romantic piano music. His music is studied and performed frequently at Curtis.


Connecting Chopin to Horszowski

Mieczyslaw Horszowski

A child prodigy, Chopin began piano lessons with his mother at a very early age. The same can be said of legendary Curtis faculty member, Mieczyslaw Horszowski, whose mother's training can be traced to Frederic Chopin.

A member of the Curtis faculty until his death in 1993 at age 100, Mieczyslaw Horszowski (pronounced myeh-chih-SWAHF hor-SHOFF-skee) included Chopin mazurkas and nocturnes in many of the recitals he gave in his later years. Born in Lvov, Poland, his mother was an amatuer pianist who studied with Karl Mikuli, a pupil of Chopin.

Horszowski was 9 when he gave his debut performing a Beethoven concerto in Warsaw, two years after beginning formal studies with Theodor Leschetizky, who traces his piano lineage to Beethoven.  Horszowski made his New York debut at age 14, and after World War II, came to Philadelphia to join the Curtis faculty. In his honor, Curtis named a piano teaching studio "The Horszowski Room" where today, Curtis piano students view a picture of the young pianist and other momentos of Horszowski's celebrated career.

About the "Chopin" Piano

  • On September 8 and 9, 2010, members of the Curtis piano faculty visited the Steinway factory in Long Island and selected twenty-two new pianos needed when Curtis expands its campus to include Lenfest Hall.
  • Steinway & Sons began building fine pianos in 1853. Handmade and built to last for generations, Steinway pianos are exceptional investments as well as superb musical instruments.   
  • Curtis has been an "All-Steinway School" since its founding in 1924 - one of nine conservatories, eighty colleges and unversities, and twenty-one other schools of distinction so designated.
  • This piano, one of the school's seven new Steinway Model O grand pianos, measures five feet ten and three-quarters inches in length. Like all Steinway's this new grand piano is an esceptional musical instrument, built of the finest materials to the highest quality standards.
  • In July, 2011, Steinway #587991 was delivered to Lenfest Hall and assigned to Room 305.

You Can Help by Purchasing a Piano Key

  • Make a gift of $50 for each piano key you would like to buy, then Curtis will place your name next to one of this piano's eighty-eight keys, listed below. 
  • Make a note of the key or keys you would like to select and the name of this piano (Chopin). Then make your contribution online, or call the Curtis Development Office at (215) 893-5279. Just mention that you want to give to "Keys for Curtis."
  • To thank you for helping Curtis purchase this new Steinway piano, we'll send you a "Keys for Curtis" keychain!

THANK YOU for your gift to Curtis!




Contributed by:

 A0  1  
 A0#  2  
 B0  3  
 C1  4  
 C1#  5  
 D1  6  
 D1#  7  
 E1  8  
 F1  9  
 F1#  10  
 G1  11  
 G1#  12  
 A1  13  
 A1#  14  
 B1  15  
 C2  16  
 C2#  17  
 D2  18  
 D2#  19  
 E2  20  
 F2  21  
 F2#  22  
 G2  23  
 G2#  24  
 A2  25  
 A2#  26  
 B2  27  
 C3  28  
 C3#  29 Anne O'Donnell, in honor of John and Mildred O'Donnell
 D3  30 Harold and Maris Kobb, in honor of Howard Lidz 
 D3#  31 Beatrice S. Rossman, in honor of Barbara Silver
 E3  32  
 F3  33  
 F3#  34  
 G3  35  
 G3#  36  
 A3  37  
 A3#  38  
 B3  39  
 C4 - Middle C  40  
 C4#  41  
 D4  42  
 D4#  43  
 E4  44  
 F4  45 Martha S. Alfee, in memory of Zoe R. Fisher-Schaffer*
 F4#  46  
 G4  47  
 G4#  48  
 A4  49  
 A4#  50  
 B4  51  
 C5  52  
 C5#  53  
 D5  54  
 D5#  55  
 E5  56  
 F5  57  
 F5#  58  


 G5#  60  
 A5  61  
 A5#  62  
 B5  63  
 C6  64  
 C6#  65  
 D6  66  
 D6#  67  
 E6  68  
 F6  69  
 F6#  70 Anne O'Donnell, in honor of John and Mildred O'Donnell
 G6  71  
 G6#  72  
 A6  73  
 A6#  74  
 B6  75  
 C7  76  
 C7#  77  
 D7  78  
 D7#  79  
 E7  80  
 F7  81  
 F7#  82  
 G7  83  
 G7#  84  
 A7  85  
 A7#  86  
 B7  87  
C8  88  


If you have questions or need additional information, please call the Curtis Development Office, (215) 893-5279 and mention "Keys for Curtis."