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Mozart at the keyboard

Welcome to the Keys for Curtis "piano pages." For the campaign, this piano has been named after composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the twenty-two composers selected to represent the deep heritage and diversity of classical music. Few would argue that Mozart set the standard for defining an "exceptionally gifted young musician." The most famous, prolific, and popular composer of the Classical era, Mozart was, by the age of five, competent on both keyboard and violin and composing music - brilliantly. Mozart's extensive body of music is central to the repertoire mastered by most, if not all Curtis students.

About This Piano

  • On September 8 and 9, 2010, members of the Curtis piano faculty visited the Steinway factory in Long Island and selected twenty-two new pianos needed when Curtis expanded its campus to include Lenfest Hall in 2011.
  • Steinway & Sons began building fine pianos in 1853. Handmade and built to last for generations, Steinway pianos are exceptional investments as well as superb musical instruments.   
  • Curtis has been an "All-Steinway School" since its founding in 1924 - one of nine conservatories, eighty colleges and unversities, and twenty-one other schools of distinction so designated.
  • This piano, one of the school's three new Steinway Model B grand pianos, measures six feet ten and one-half inches in length. Like all Steinway's this new grand piano is an exceptional musical instrument, built of the finest materials to the highest quality standards.
  • Steinway B, #587898, was delivered to Curtis in the fall of 2010, and assigned to the Horszowski Studio on the second floor of 1726 Locust Street. One of the school's principal piano teaching studios, the Horszowski Room is also home to Steinway CD-103, the concert grand prevously on the stage of Field Concert Hall. 

You Can Help by Purchasing a Piano Key

  • Make a gift of $50 for each piano key you would like to buy, then Curtis will place your name next to one of this piano's eighty-eight keys, listed below. 
  • Make a note of the key or keys you would like to select and the name of this piano (Mozart). Then make your contribution online, or call the Curtis Development Office at (215) 893-5279. Just mention that you want to give to "Keys for Curtis."
  • To thank you for helping Curtis purchase this new Steinway piano, we'll send you a "Keys For Curtis" keychain!

THANK YOU for your gift to Curtis!




Contributed by:

 A0  1 Charles Sterne III and Eileen D. Marolla, in memory of John C. Haas
 A0#  2 Charles Sterne III and Eileen D. Marolla, in memory of John C. Haas
 B0  3  
 C1  4  
 C1#  5  
 D1  6  
 D1#  7  
 E1  8  
 F1  9  
 F1#  10  
 G1  11  
 G1#  12  
 A1  13  
 A1#  14  
 B1  15  
 C2  16  
 C2#  17  
 D2  18  
 D2#  19  
 E2  20  
 F2  21  
 F2#  22  
 G2  23  
 G2#  24  
 A2  25  
 A2#  26  
 B2  27  
 C3  28  
 C3#  29  
 D3  30  
 D3#  31  
 E3  32  
 F3  33  
 F3#  34  
 G3  35  
 G3#  36  
 A3  37  
 A3#  38  
 B3  39  
 C4 - Middle C  40 Emily and Michi Schebesta
 C4#  41 Emily and Michi Schebesta
 D4  42 Liberty Wetherill, in honor of John Fraunces's birthday
 D4#  43  
 E4  44 Craig Nies, in memory of Claude Frank^
 F4  45  
 F4#  46  
 G4  47  
 G4#  48 Craig Nies, in honor of Valerie Hsu
 A4  49 Craig Nies, in honor of June Kim
 A4#  50  
 B4  51  
 C5  52  
 C5#  53  
 D5  54  
 D5#  55  
 E5  56  
 F5  57  
 F5#  58  


 G5#  60  
 A5  61  
 A5#  62  
 B5  63  
 C6  64 Craig Nies, in honor of Kazuki Takizawa
 C6#  65  
 D6  66  
 D6#  67  
 E6  68  
 F6  69  
 F6#  70  
 G6  71  
 G6#  72  
 A6  73  
 A6#  74  
 B6  75  
 C7  76  
 C7#  77  
 D7  78  
 D7#  79  
 E7  80  
 F7  81  
 F7#  82  
 G7  83  
 G7#  84  
 A7  85  
 A7#  86  
 B7  87  
C8  88  


If you have questions or need additional information, please call the Curtis Development Office, (215) 893-5279 and mention "Keys for Curtis."