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See How Curtis Gives Back


Through a special service-year initiative designed for recent graduates, Curtis ArtistYear Fellow Alize Rozsnyai (Opera '15) has dedicated herself to helping rebuild the choral program at South Philadelphia High School—the alma mater of musical legends like Marian Anderson, Mario Lanza, and members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. But in recent years, the school was without any music classes at all.



The path back to music began on Martin Luther King Day in 2015, when Curtis students, faculty, and staff took part in a day of service at South Philly High. They volunteered to completely refurbish the music room by cleaning, painting, and organizing music and scores. At the end of the day the Curtis Brass Ensemble performed for an invited audience of South Philly High alumni, parents, and students, and the idea of dedicating an ArtistYear Fellow to the school was born.

Thanks to the attention raised by the day of service, a full-time music teacher was hired, and Alize began working at the school. She made it her mission to help bring music back to the halls of South Philly High, using her Curtis training to “learn by doing” and grow as a mentor and teacher, while inspiring these eager young performers.

As you watch, we hope this story inspires you as well. Thank you for supporting the extraordinary work of our students in the community.

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