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Curtis Supplemental Financial Assistance Policy

Any student who demonstrates financial need will be awarded adequate assistance to attend school. No student will have to leave Curtis solely because of financial need. Financial assistance for living expenses is based solely on need.

Students who demonstrate need for assistance with living expenses will first be awarded loans and on-campus employment. If there is remaining need, Curtis may award a supplemental grant. This grant may be in the form of a Lenfest Hall Resident Grant, Lenfest Hall Dining Grant, or a direct grant to the student payable monthly.

Students are required to notify the Office of Student Financial Assistance of changes in the family’s financial situation. If a student on financial aid receives an award or scholarship at any timeduring the summer or academic year, they are required to notify the financial aid office promptly.

Continued eligibility for Curtis-funded financial assistance requires that the student demonstrate academic and artistic progress according to the school’s Scholastic Standing standards. The dean will interpret this policy for students not enrolled in the Bachelor of Music program and/or for students with special circumstances.

Additional definitions and policies related to U.S. Department of Education Title IV funding are available in the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Appropriate grade level for federal loan eligibility:


Grade Level

0-24 First Year
24-48 Second Year
49-72 Third Year
73+ Fourth Year
Graduate student Full-time status = 9 credits per term


Acting Director of Student Assistance, (215) 717-3188