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Host Family Program

The Host Family Program is sponsored by the Friends of Curtis and coordinated by the Office of Student Life and International Student Affairs. The program enlists active members of the Friends of Curtis to serve in a voluntary capacity as hosts, to welcome Curtis students and introduce them to people and places in Greater Philadelphia beyond the Curtis campus. 

Our program matches Curtis students with host families, taking into account interests of both student and hosts. Students live in Lenfest Hall or in close proximity to Curtis. Married or single people are welcome to be host families. Hosts must be members of the Friends of Curtis. For information about joining the Friends of Curtis, contact Tony Brown, director of the Friends of Curtis.

The program provides students opportunities to get to know people in addition to their Curtis teachers and colleagues, and parts of the city beyond the immediate Rittenhouse Square area. Host/student relationships also offer students opportunities to expand their interests beyond the world of classical music.

For hosts, the program provides opportunities to participate in the lives of young artists by attending their recitals and concerts, and to get to know Curtis from a more intimate perspective. While these introductory experiences are essential, it is also hoped that both hosts and students will develop a level of personal interest and comfort that will enable the relationship to grow in more personal, mutually rewarding ways.

While hosts can express preferences for types of students that will be assigned (e.g., international vs. domestic, instrumentalists vs. vocalists, younger vs. older, etc.), final assignments are made by Curtis. Host preferences, as well as student needs, are taken into account whenever possible. When either a host or a student is not comfortable with the assignment, Curtis will attempt to make alternative arrangements.

Apply to become a host.

For more details about the Curtis Host Family Program, e-mail Laurel Grady, associate dean, student life and international student affairs.