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Chamber Music

From the early years of the Curtis's founding through the golden age of the famed Curtis String Quartet and up to the present day, chamber music has been an integral part of the school performance curriculum. Curtis strongly encourages students to explore the vast body of chamber music available to them and believes that some of the most important aspects of musicianship are honed in the pursuit of this repertoire.

Student chamber groups are given the unique opportunity to both study and perform works with numerous major faculty artists, a tradition that goes back to the days of Efrem Zimbalist, William Primrose, and Emanuel Feuermann. Curtis students frequently work closely with members of leading chamber ensembles, including those of the Guarneri, Vermeer, and Orion string quartets, as well as legendary chamber performers in all instrumental and vocal departments.

Each year, Curtis students attend top chamber music festivals, such as the Marlboro Music School, Aspen, and Tanglewood.  Curtis graduates perform in many of the world’s most noteworthy chamber ensembles.