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About Parkhurst Dining


Parkhurst Dining is a leading regional hospitality company that provides sustainable, award-winning dining and catering services to the finest colleges, universities, corporations, museums, and cultural destinations, focusing only on those client partners who are looking for the best in food and service.




David Tolbert - Director of Dining Services

Malcolm Whitaker - Executive Chef

Jason Padmore - Executive Sous Chef

Sue Clark, Bryant Henderson, Steve John - Supervisors

Please feel free to reach out to our managers with any questions, comments, concerns or ideas. We would love to hear your feedback! 


Parkhurst Standards

  • Our pizza dough is made fresh, from scratch, every day.
  • Our soups and sauces are made from scratch, using fresh stock.
  • All of our entrée meats are roasted in house.
  • Our burgers are hand-pressed and made with fresh, never frozen, ground beef.
  • Our fried entrées are always hand-breaded.
  • Cookies and muffins are baked fresh daily right here in our kitchens.
  • Fresh-cut French fries, using locally-grown potatoes when available, are offered at our grill daily.
  • Our menus emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables, sourced locally when in season.
  • Made from scratch-cooking with a focus on fresh, local, non-processed ingredients
  • Foods are prepared-to-order or cooked in small batches as close to service as possible, to ensure maximum flavor, nutrients, and freshness



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