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The Curtis parent community is diverse, international, and engaged. Curtis strives to provide the ideal environment for your child's growth as a musician.

The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing an outstanding educational experience and to preparing all students for careers as performing artists at the highest professional level.

There are many ways for parents to become involved at Curtis.

Parents of younger students (under 18 years of age) are required to live in close proximity to campus. Younger students receive mentoring as well as academic and English language acquisition support as a benefit of the Curtis Young Artist Initiative (YAI). High school, middle school, and elementary school are coordinated through and monitored by Laurel Grady, associate dean of student life and international student affairs. Parents of younger students should contact Ms. Grady for information about the Young Artist Initiative, schooling for younger students, and the academic calendar. The high school and middle school academic year ends much later than the Curtis academic year. All younger students are expected to complete each year at their respective school and participate in YAI post-semester programming. Post-semester programming begins Monday after Curtis commencement and ends with final exams at the student's high school or middle school.


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