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Release Requests

In general, students fill out a Release Request Form when, in full consultation with their major teacher(s), they have decided to pursue a performance opportunity, competition, or other activity outside of Curtis that often (though not always) conflicts with performances, classes, rehearsals, lessons, or coachings.

A student initiates the Release Request process by filling out the online form completely and then submitting it. The Dean’s Office then reviews the Release Request and consults with major teachers, classroom teachers, and the orchestra manager as needed. If the Dean’s Office approves, a hard copy version of the form is then returned to the student for she or he to obtain the rest of the required signatures and approvals.

When a Release Request is granted, it indicates that the outside opportunity is held in very high regard. Since we value greatly every moment of a student’s Curtis education, the outside opportunity must always be of clear and sufficient value to warrant granting the request. 

Note: The Release Request Form and process are not designed to discourage students from pursuing outside opportunities, but we do want to make sure that every Release Request we grant has been carefully considered before a decision is made. 

Four key things to remember about the process:

  • The final decision to approve or not approve Release Requests is made by the Dean’s Office. 
  • A Release Request is just that, a request. In submitting the form, students should never presume that the release will automatically be granted and should never make travel arrangements until they receive official notification from Dean Bryan or the registrar about the status of the request.
  • The online Release Request form must be submitted for review not fewer than 10 days or more than 60 days before the requested date of departure.
  • Students should also submit a Release Request for non-music-related leaves from Curtis, even if the leave does not conflict with Curtis activities.